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60Kw Compact Assembly Hydraulic Dynamometer For Engine Test

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60Kw Compact Assembly Hydraulic Dynamometer For Engine Test

60Kw Compact Assembly Hydraulic Dynamometer For Engine Test
60Kw Compact Assembly Hydraulic Dynamometer For Engine Test

Large Image :  60Kw Compact Assembly Hydraulic Dynamometer For Engine Test

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China Luoyang
Brand Name: SEELONG
Certification: CMC
Model Number: SHD60-3500/9000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD 2939 dollar
Packaging Details: 1200mmX2000mmX1800mm wooden box per set
Delivery Time: 8-12weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5 sets per month

60Kw Compact Assembly Hydraulic Dynamometer For Engine Test

Rated Power: 60Kw Torque Measurment Accurancy: ±0.4%
Maximum Breaking Torque: 9000
High Light:

Compact Assembly Hydraulic Dynamometer


60Kw Hydraulic Dynamometer

SHD60-3500/9000 Compact Assembly hydraulic dynamometer For Engine test



Technical Parameters


                                                  60Kw Compact Assembly Hydraulic Dynamometer For Engine Test 0


Characteristic curve

                                            60Kw Compact Assembly Hydraulic Dynamometer For Engine Test 1


Product Describe


SHD60-3500/3000 is a compact assembly hydraulic Dynamometer. It is a high speed and low inertia solution with extremely low maintenance cost, ideal to test engines with power up to 60 kW and speed up to 9000 rpm.


Technical specifications


1.Main features
◆Small size, easy installation;
◆Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance;
◆High braking moment;
◆High accuracy of measurement;
◆Work stably and reliably;
◆Achieving High Precision Instantaneous Speed Measurement with Magnetoelectric Velocity Sensor;
◆Fast Load Control of Electronically Controlled Butterfly Valve;
◆Fast response, suitable for dynamic test



Water supply system of dynamometer

The water supply of dynamometer can be used in circulating water supply system. The water supply is provided by high pressure stabilizing water tank or low pressure stabilizing water tank plus pipeline pump. Generally, the indoor water tank in the north is composed of a low-level stabilized water tank and a pipeline pump.
The intake pressure of dynamometer can be greater than or equal to 0.05 Mpa, usually 0.05-0.15 Mpa. When the dynamometer works on the full water line, it requires higher water supply pressure; when it works below the full water line, the water pressure can be lower. The water supply pressure should be kept stable, and the range of pressure fluctuation should be (+5KPa). When the dynamometer works, the water supply pressure directly affects the cavitation degree of the side shell of the dynamometer and the concave working chamber of the rotor.
In the process of dynamometer operation, water intake can not be interrupted. The water intake is about 20 liters per kilowatt hour, the drainage temperature can not exceed 70 ~C, and the general economic drainage temperature is between 55 ~60 ~C.
The circulating water supply system is mainly composed of heat sink, water pump, stabilized water tank, intake and drainage connection pipeline, water pressure meter, valve and so on. The volume of the pool should consider heat dissipation and measure the maximum power consumption, and there is a certain amount of surplus to compensate for water dissipation in the process of circulation. It is suggested that the volume of the pool should be increased as much as possible when conditions permit. The volume of water tank should be considered when the maximum water consumption is constant water supply (see the table of technical parameters for water consumption). When the water supply of the pump is larger than the maximum power consumption of the dynamometer, the volume of the stabilized tank can be recommended to be about 2-5 M3. The smaller the water consumption is, the larger the water consumption is. The volume of the tank is generally about five times that of the tank. If conditions permit, try to be as large as possible.

The diameters of intake and drainage pipes should meet the requirements of the diameters of intake and drainage of dynamometers.

A gate valve and a water pressure gauge shall be connected in series in the intake pipeline. The gate valve is used to regulate the intake pressure. For a fixed engine type, it usually stops moving after one adjustment. Therefore, the gate valve can be installed in any convenient position, while the ball valve on the dynamometer intake pipe is used for opening and closing water supply.

Drainage pipes are generally larger than intake pipes. Drainage pipes can be circulated through clay pipes to the pool. If the user's water source is rich, it can also be discharged into the sewer. Two problems should be paid attention to in drainage pipeline: one is that the drainage can not be connected with the overflow pipe to prevent the overflow pipe from backfilling with excessive drainage pressure; the other is that if the drainage pipeline is not smooth, it will cause excessive backpressure, which will affect the normal test of dynamometer. Therefore, the pipeline arrangement should be as short as possible and with fewer elbows.

The circulating water will be used as dynamometer water after descaling, which will reduce the formation of scale in dynamometer. If there is no water treatment equipment, tap water or clean river water is allowed, but no sediment and other impurities are allowed to mix in. It is not suitable to use sea water. Depending on whether the PH value of water in different areas is high or not, it is necessary to install scale remover.

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